Monday, November 18

Fall Fun with Pastels from Hodgepodge...a Review

We are having a blast with Southern Hodgepodge's

My boys do not get excited about art, but when I tell them we are going to do pastels, they cheer!  Even my most reluctant artist enjoys art with these pastel tutorials! 

We have done many of the tutorials available from Hodgepodge  and are always excited to see new ones.  This particular one has fall-themed tutorials, including a turkey, an owl, an acorn, and more! 

Each tutorial is a step-by-step guide of how to create your own pastel art.  The artist, Lucia Hames (a.k.a. Nana), is so amazingly talented as an artist and teacher!  Combine this talent with Tricia's amazing writing skills, photography, and teaching experience as a homeschooling mom and you have the best art tutorial ever! 

The tutorials are so much fun, everyone in the family participates, even me!  All you need is some paper and pastels, they can be found for less than $10 at your local art supply store or online at Rainbow Resource Center.  I also like to have some wipes and/or paper towels handy for clean up. 

Give pastels a try with one of the free tutorials available on the Hodgepodge blog, then check out all of the fun ebooks available.  There are many tips and ideas on the blog to get you started and to keep you going. Hodgepodge offers many other fun ebooks as well!   

I pray your family is as blessed by these tutorials as we have been. 

P.S. The finished artwork makes for a great gift! 


luciahames said...

Great work! You made those turkeys just gobble! You are ALL artists!
Nana from Hodgepodgea

Heidi Stearns said...

Such a great compliment coming from such an amazing artist as you, nana! Thank you!